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NBA Live Mobile - How to complete Summer Bosses sets
2017-08-14 11:06
During the Summer Courts program in NBA Live Mobile, players have a new category of sets to complete. It is called Summer Bosses and it has five subsets.

There is one set for each arena. Each venue has one designed boss that is actually a basketball player item card.  The four arena sets are: Venice Beach Boss, Seattle Boss, Chicago Boss, and Brooklyn Boss. All these sets have the same structure. One arena set has six subsets. By completing these subsets, players will upgrade the boss card. The first subset of each arena set gives players an arena themed elite player pack. Ten program elite players are needed to complete this set that is called Elite Player. This one is a repeatable set. The other five subsets are upgrade sets. They are not repeatable and must be completed in a certain order. The first set to be completed is called Level 2 Boss (84 OVR). The reward is the 84 OVR arena boss card. To complete the set players will need two gold players from the Summer Courts program and, of course, the level 1 boss card.

The next upgrade set takes the arena boss to level 3 that means 88 OVR. The level 2 boss is needed plus five gold program players. For the level 4 upgrade, five elite players and five gold players are needed in addition to the boss obtained from the previous set. This upgrade called Level 4 Boss, increases the OVR to 91. The Level 5 upgrade set boosts the boss to OVR 94. Five elite players and the level 4 boss are needed for this upgrade. The final upgrade, Level 6 boss, requires five elite program players, 10 elite players from the arena set, and the previous boss. There's an additional reward for completing this set, one gauntlet token.

The fifth Summer Bosses set is a special one that unlocks the final program boss. There are two subsets to be completed. The first subset called Unlocking the Gauntlet requires the gauntlet token from each arena set and Allen Iverson. For the second subset, The Final Boss, players need four final boss tokens and all level 6 bosses from the arena sets. The reward is access to the live event called Dr. J's Gauntlet.

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