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What will happen during the NBA Live Mobile 2017 reset
2017-09-08 15:16
NBA Live Mobile is going through a reset in preparation for the next season. This feature is implemented to make the mobile basketball simulation as close to the real NBA as possible. After an NBA season ends, teams take a break and start preparing for the next one. This is what NBA Live Mobile players will do as well. A new feature called season score will calculate players' score based on what they achieved in the current season.

Based on this score they will get rewards that help them in the next season. Season score is the equivalent of an off season. Activities performed during this time are taken into account when calculating the season score. Players take part in normal activities such as live events or head to head matches but earn special tokens that can be spent when the new season begins. Season score is also based on players' accomplishments in the season that is about to end.

A reset means that players will start the next season from scratch. This means that certain items won't be carried over into the next season, however, players get rewards and items to ease their way into the new season. The NBA Live Mobile reset won't take away players' NBA cash. Sadly,nba live mobile coins will not be transferred so it's a good idea to spend them on something useful else they will go to waste. Users will be able to keep their best basketball players cards by assigning them to a lineup. Any player card that is part of a lineup is kept. All other players that are not in a lineup are lost. The reset also wipes players' progress. When the season begins, all accounts will be returned to level 1. Progress in seasons mode is reset as well. The number of fans obtained from head to head games is also taken away. Leagues are not reset. Players will make the transition into the next season together with their league mates.

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