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NBA Live Mobile – Make sure to get these Ultimate Legends players
2017-09-21 11:28
The Ultimate Legends program gives NBA Live Mobile players the opportunity to acquire some of the best cards. Players should navigate to the Ultimate Legends tab in the Sets menu. The first category, also called Ultimate Legends, shows available sets. All sets are similar. They require the same number of tokens and award a 99 OVR player card. To complete one set, players need 10 Ultimate Legends tokens. These sets are available for a limited period of time. The set card shows the expiration date. Players can also check out the reward for each set.

Chris Bosh plays as a power forward for a big man lineup. His stats are 93 speed and shooting, 91 dribbling, 90 defense, 86 three pointer, and 85 passing. His special abilities are buzzer beater and 3PT motivator.

Shawn Marion is a small forward that fits in a shooting lineup. His stats are 94 dribbling, 93 defense, 92 shooting, 91 speed, 88 passing, and 80 3 pointer. His special abilities are clutch and speed motivator.

Kevin Garnett is a power forward for a two way lineup. Garnett's stats are 95 speed, shooting, and dribbling, 92 defense, 89 passing, and 63 3 pointer. Shot motivator and clutch are his special abilities.

Alonzo Mourning fills a center position and can be placed in a small ball lineup. Alonzo's stats are 95 defense, 93 dribbling, 92 shooting, 90 speed, 81 passing, and 51 three pointer. In the paint and defense motivator are his special abilities.

Jason Kidd has a point guard position for a shooting lineup. The card's stats are 97 dribbling, 96 speed, 94 passing, 90 defense, 88 3 pointer, and 87 shooting. Kidd's special abilities are clutch and defense motivator.

Tim Duncan is a power forward for a defensive lineup. His stats are 95 defense, 94 shooting, 84 passing, 78 speed, 70 dribbling, and 51 3 pointer. In the paint and shot motivator are Duncan's special abilities.

Dikembe Mutombo plays as a center in a big man lineup. Mutombo's stats are 99 defense, 90 dribbling, 84 speed and shooting, 70 passing, and 30 3 pointer. His special abilities are defense motivator and in the paint.

Spud Webb is a point guard in a small ball lineup. His stats are 98 speed, 97 dribbling and passing, 93 shooting, 90 defense, and 85 3 pointer. His special abilities are speed
motivator and in the paint.

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