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How NBA Players Responded to NBA 2K18 Rating
2017-08-28 13:50
Brandon Ingram knows that NBA 2K18 is serious business so he shared his 76 OVR as soon as he found out about it. Kawhi Leonard from the San Antonio Spurs got a great 95 OVR. David Bertans, another San Antonio Spurs player, got 72 OVR and is curious what his fans have to say about it. David Nwanba from the Chicago Bulls got 71 rating and promised everyone that it will go up for sure. Glen Robinson got 74 OVR and can hardly wait to get his hands on NBA 2K18 when it comes out in September.

Zach Lavine makes an in game appearance wearing the Chicago Bulls uniform but he is not very happy about his 80 OVR. Will Barton got 77 OVR and he is confident that his OVR will be increased with the first NBA 2K18 update. Langston Galloway shared his 73 OVR with his Twitter followers and he is committed to improving it throughout the year. Dwayne Wade shared an NBA 2K18 screenshot of him next to Lebron James. Wade's OVR is 84 and he believes that his in game countenance expresses his opinion on his rating. Lebron James got 97 OVR.

Chris McCullough from the Washington Wizards got 70 OVR. Donovan Mitchell is excited to get his first rating in an NBA 2K game. He confessed that this was a long time dream. His OVR is 75. Jawun Evans got 68 OVR. Garret Temple from the Sacramento Kings got 74 OVR and he is pretty happy with it. Clint Capela from the Houston Rockets thinks that his avatar looks better than his 79 rating.

Malik Beasley from the Denver Nuggets was very happy about his OVR improvement. His rating for NBA 2K18 is 72 which is a three points increase over the previous one. Dorian Finney-Smith is another player who got a better OVR than last year. His OVR is 72. Alan William thanked the NBA 2K18 team and asked fans what they think about his 75 OVR. Walter Tavares got 69 OVR which he didn't find very satisfying but he sees this as a motivation to improve it. Josh Hart got 70 OVR and he is committed to increasing it.

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