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How to Complete Ultimate Legends Sets in NBA Live Mobile
2017-08-25 13:19
The Ultimate Legends tab contains four main categories: Ultimate Legends, Player Trade-Ins, Item Trade-Ins, and Item Upgrades. Each category has a number of sets. The Ultimate Legends category represents the basketball players. For now, there are two sets. They both have the same completion requirements but award different players. To complete such a set and unlock the 99 OVR card, players need to acquire 10 Ultimate Legend tokens. The Player and Item Trade-Ins sets allow players to obtain these tokens.

The Player Trade-Ins category has five sets that give players the opportunity to acquire tokens by trading in gold and elite players. All five sets are repeatable. They are all called Ultimate Legend Token but use different cards. Completing such a set gives players one token. There is an Ultimate Legends Token set for which players will need 250 gold basketball player cards. Another set is completed with 25 elite players with an OVR between 84 and 90. If players are willing to give away 10 elite players with OVR between 91 and 95, they will get a token from another set. Only five elite player cards are needed to get a token if their OVR ranges from 96 to 98. The last set gives one token for one 99 OVR elite player.  

The Item Trade-Ins category has three sets. Each one gives one Ultimate Legend token. Just like the sets from the Player Trade-Ins category, these are also called Ultimate Legend Token but use token cards instead of player cards. Players need to acquire 200 gold trophies for one set. The second can only be completed with 50 elite trophies. The third set requires 400 collectibles. All three sets are repeatable.

The Item Upgrades category has four sets. The Silver Trophy Upgrade set gives 5 silver trophies for 25 bronze trophies. The Silver Player Upgrade set uses player cards instead of trophies so users receive 5 silver players for 25 bronze players. The Gold Trophy Upgrade rewards players with 5 gold trophies if they have 25 silver trophies to spare. The Gold Player Upgrade gives 5 gold players for 25 silver players. These four sets are repeatable.
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